Enterprise file transfers

in public services or enterprise environments

for a lot of users and devices

If there are more than 1,000 employees

If there are more than 10,000 devices

If there are more than 100,000 users

INNORIX can provide enterprise file transfer solutions.

Reliable file transfers

in extreme environments

where completed transfers can not be guaranteed

If the networks are very unstable,

(over long-distance, wireless or satellite)

If file alterations and losses occur

If transfers fail due to frequent errors

INNORIX can provide reliable file transfer solutions.

Huge file transfers

for very large sized files and mass files

that can not be transferred by USB, HDD

If there are large files (over 100GB or 5TB)
If there are mass files (over 10,000 or 100,000)
INNORIX can provide huge file transfer solutions.

Secure file transfers
in extreme threat situations where
files have continuously tried to be stolen

If there is no encryption while transferring
If the encryption easily exposes packets
INNORIX can provide secure file transfer solutions.

The only solution
for problems that
other methods can not resolve

If service quality and customer satisfaction decrease
If inconvenience, retrying and VOC increase
If work is delayed and losses increase
INNORIX can solve all file transfer issues.

About US

INNORIX provides enterprise file transfer solutions.

Only INNORIX solutions can transfer the ever increasing very large-sized files

in the fastest and most perfect way even in extreme environments.

These are the only solutions that can resolve all kinds of file transfer issues for

various industries such as public services, research centers and medical

facilities, etc.

Very large-sized files

and mass files

In-house business


Between H.Q. and

distributed mass points

Services for a lot of


Between servers

and mass devices

In public and

private clouds


Even in extreme environments

Long distances

Very unstable networks

Transfers for a specific time period

Wireless, satellite networks

The fastest and

safest transfers

Up to 30 times faster

Integrity without file alterations and losses

Complete encryption of all files

Monitor transfer statuses In real-time and record and track history

All transfers' speeds, cancellations, wait and failure statuses, etc.

Track transfer history by user, device and file

File transfers by industry

Government Agency





Construction / Industrial








Government agencies are exchanging a lot of files with civilians and other government agencies on a daily basis. Preventing file leakages, losses and strong secure transfers are essential. In order for non-repudiation, all transfer history must be recorded. Government agencies have to assure that civilians can transfer files on various OSes and browser environments.

The manufacturing industry has to transfer various kinds of large files such as, product models, images and designs, etc. In addition, all business systems such as production, quality control and supplier management systems, etc. have to transfer files in the fastest and most reliable way. Secure transfers and integrity verifications are essential. They need to monitor file transfer statues in real-time and record and track the transfer history.

The financial industry continues to strengthen security on various systems to provide the safest financial transactions to customers. Financial organizations have to exchange financial transaction files that include personal information with internal and external branches and government agencies at high-speeds without any delay and errors.

In order to improve the quality of medical services, more high-resolution medical image equipment is being competitively introduced. However the resulting files are being transferred through non-secure transfer methods so it causes very serious problems such as the leaking of patient information while transferring. In addition, due to low transfer speeds and performance, files cannot be exchanged when it is needed as a result, the total service quality has been rapidly declining.

Research institutes, companies and countries are fiercely competing with each other regarding the quality and speeds of research results. Even though they are dealing with a lot of large files, their file transfer methods are very slow and incomplete and it is impossible to transfer large and mass files. Because of this it is becoming a big obstacle that decreases the research performance

The construction and industrial industry has to smoothly exchange large-sized CAD files and a large number of document files in-house and over long-distances between branches and sites. However current file transfer methods are very slow and do not provide large file transfers so it hinders smooth file exchanges. In addition, these confidential files are being transferred in a non-secure way, making it possible for these files to be exposed to serious risk of leakage and alteration.

All kinds of educational institutions such as universities, educational administration agencies and company training centers, etc. have to transfer high-resolution lecture files and various educational contents at high-speeds. Various educational systems have to exchange files with students, professors, staff, public officials and the general public. These institutions also need to control their service quality.

The publishing industry has to constantly exchange a large number of files such as image, text and video, etc. With current transfer methods, it is difficult to transfer files in various client OSes such as MAC and Windows, etc. In addition, as the number of transfers increase, file transfer problems also increase so users have to do the same thing over and over again, drastically reducing productivity and efficiency.

The communication and network industry has an ample hardware infrastructure but they also need a software based file transfer solution. They have to exchange mass files and high-resolution media files between distributed devices and branches as well as content providers and consumers at high-speeds.

Non-profit organizations such as universities, charitable organizations, social enterprises and religions, etc. have a lot of document and video files to promote their cause. These files have to be smoothly distributed and exchanged regardless of the internet environment and client OSes. In addition, a lot of confidential files that have personal information should be fully encrypted and their history should be recorded while transferring.

A lot of retail networks definitely have different network performance and conditions so it is never a simple mission to exchange files between H.Q. and distributed stores. However they have to exchange a lot of files on a daily basis, so they need a solution that can prevent file leakages and losses while transferring. They also need a reliable solution that can exchange files at high-speeds with all stores in unstable networks and over long-distances.

The media industry desperately needs file transfer improvements. In order to work, they have to immediately transfer large-sized video and audio source files, these files have to be transferred over long-distances at high-speeds. A wide range of client compatibility such as MAC and Windows OSes, etc. is also required for smooth file transfers.

Law-related institutions such as courts and public prosecutor offices as well as private law firms and tax accounting offices have to exchange a lot of documents, recorded video and audio files internally and externally. Security is of paramount importance when exchanging and transferring these critical files. However current file transfer methods do not provide secure transfers, do not record transfer history and are very weak so these files can be exposed any time.