Smart AI Video Surveillance

  • ALPR
  • Outdoor/PTZ/People Tracking
  • Left/Removed Detection
  • Face Recognition
ALPR (Automatic License Plate Recognition) automatically recognizes and records car license plates from over 100 countries regardless of the background color of the license plate, weather, lighting, daytime and nighttime.
High Way
Up to 250km/h speed cars and multiple cars can be automatically recognizes at the same time.
Parking Lot
Up to 30km/h from stop can be recognized. Access can be controlled depending on the car number.
Outdoor Tracking
It can detects and tracks moving objects and classify them as a person, vehicle, or unknown. Movement tracks are automatically recorded to know exactly where each object came from and where it left the camera’s point-of-view.
Car Tracking
It can automatically track the movement of specific cars among many vehicles and objects.
People Tracking
Even in complex places where various objects and vehicles exist, it can detect people.
PTZ Auto Tracking
According to scenarios, it can automatically detect specific object such as people and cars and then control a PTZ camera, enabling it to zoom in and follow moving people and vehicle within the field of the camera. This is ideal for outdoor perimeter monitoring.
Car Tracking
It automatically follows and records suspicious, specific number, color, or motion cars.
People Tracking
It automatically tracks the suspicious people and specific people with the facial recognition.
People Tracking
Detect and track people moving within the frame of a camera. Alarms can be set when unauthorized entry into an area is detected and dwell times can be tracked and recorded for the detection of unwanted loitering.
People Counting
It is easy to identify traffic trends and make decisions to improve safety, security, and loss prevention.
Heat Map
Heat maps are automatically created for retail stores and public places to determine high traffic areas.
Left/Removed Item Detection
Monitor changes in an environment to detect when objects are added or removed from a scene. Set alarms to notify security staff when an item has been removed from an area or left unattended for a designated amount of time.
Left Detection
When someone put an item in a public place and leaves the place, it automatically detects and notify.
Removed Detection
When a specific item is removed by someone, it automatically detects and notify.
Face Recognition
A robust video analytic, ideally suited for securing facilities that require a stronger layer of protection for access control. It can recognize and identify people in real-time regardless of weather, lighting, daytime and nighttime.
Single Recognition
It recognizes a person's face and compares it with the registered people database.
Multi Recognition
It can also recognize multiple faces at the same time among lots of people.

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