Smart AI Video Surveillance

Traffic System
Over Speed
Parking Lot
Signal Violation
Facility Security
Construction Site
Public Security
Hotel and Resort
Shopping Mall
Military Security
Naval Ship
Military Station
Industry Unique Advantage
Smart AI
Video Surveillance
General buildings and retail shops can get
the high quality ‘Made in Korea’ video
surveillance system at the lowest price.
Cost Effective
Video Surveillance
Public and commercial places can record
unlimited size videos and transfer with
lower costs.
Wide Product Range
High Security
Military Camera
INNORIX military cameras detects objects
on very long distances that can not be
identified with the naked eye.
High Performance
Industrial Camera
Even in ultra high/low temperature, dusty,
humid and gas outflow environment,
INNORIX protects cameras and facilities.
4K Standard for Year 2020
If you are looking for video surveillance system now, you should consider about
the market standard, otherwise you will feel that your system is already outdated.
Unlimited Surveillance
INNORIX significantly reduces all costs such as products, accessories, construction, installation costs so that you can extend surveillance areas at the same cost.

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