Smart AI Video Surveillance

  • Traffic Systems
  • Facility Security
  • Public Security
  • Military Security
Smart Traffic Systems
Over Speed
In any situations, smart AI
detects over speed cars and
transfers the car number,
time, location, driver picture
and video to the center.
Signal Violation
Smart AI contains various
violation scenarios and more
precisely detects all signal
violation cars at the same
Parking Lot
People can easily enter and
find empty space and parked
locations. Criminal activities
such as robbers and car theft
are also prevented.
Smart Facility Security
Authorized vehicles, people
and sort status are
automatically detected to
reduce thefts, accidents and
management costs.
Construction Site
Smart AI prevents accidents,
vandalism and the theft of raw
materials and saves remote site
management time and costs.
Theft and tampering to
equipment and machinery are
prevented, and employees
and assets are also monitored
for safety and security.
Smart Public Security
Hotel and Resort
From crime, theft and
vandalism guests and facilities
are protected. Staff and crowd
are monitored to increase
customer service quality.
Shopping Mall
Shoplifting, employee theft and
crimes are prevented. Big Data
such as traffic, route, gender
and emotion, etc. are collected.
Patients are recognized and
protected. Equipment and
medical supplies are also
protected from unauthorized
Smart Military Security
Naval Ship
Sufferer, illegal fishing boat, oil
spill in very long distances are
detected, recognized and
identified at day and night.
Military Station
It monitors military facilities
and detects objects and collect
information from very long
distances at day and night.
It is moved by a person and
also mounted with any military
vehicles and linked with any
existing radar systems.

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