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INNORIX File Transfer Technology
By Features
  • High-speed
  • Large Files
  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Compatibility
  • Convenience
  • 50 X

    Automotive manufacturing information management system for all Hyundai Motors branches around the world.
  • 15 X

    Product Value Information Portal
    Transfer sales point contents (videos, applications, training materials, store demos) for salesmen, consumers and branches in 50 countries.
  • 12 X

    Ghana Nuclear Power Plant Design
    It is 12 times faster when transferring files between Korea and Ghana (Africa) through satellites.
  • 30 X

    Simulation data management system
    It is 3 times faster and takes only 3 days to implement so that HCM resolved the speed problem and reduced the inital cost and time.
  • 7 X

    Service Content Management System Portal
    131 branches at worldwide use INNORIX to transfer files with 7 times faster and 3 times faster for transferring server-server.
  • 15 X

    Companywide business system and TechNET
    It exchanges files with 11 branches around the world for business collaboration and has improved the file transfer performance.
  • High-speed
  • Large Files
  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Compatibility
  • Convenience
  • 670 K files

    MLB(Music Licesne Bank), DMO(Digital Music Operation)
    This service exchanges more than 670,000 files with 82 companies around the world and maintains optimal file transfer balance despite limited system source.
  • 10 K files

    E-care request system
    This system has resolved previous problems such as medical treatment being stopped all the time due to delays when transferring large files via INNORIX.
  • 1 M files

    Pooq VOD download service
    This system has content from 30 Korean TV channels and provides varying types of qualities for smartphone, tablet and etc. All size of files can be safely transferred.
  • 2 M files

    Tving VOD download service
    This system has the most download VOD copyright in Korea and support various devices. For download hotlink protection and keep the session alive, INNORIX linked with CDN service.
  • 14 K files

    CBS world content download
    This system provides large-sized media files to global partner companies. Featuring the reliable transfers of INNORIX.
  • 12 M files

    Global e-Campus
    INNORIX provides stable transfers of various large-size files with the folder structure to 42 subsidiaries and 48 branches locate at all over the world.
  • 5 M files

    Digital Archive System
    This system contains and transfers 5 million files some more than a terabyte such as bibliographies, videos and audio, etc.
  • 10 K users

    National Greenhouse Gas Management System
    873 systems (348 targets, 525 emission systems) transfer more than 10,000 files in a single process.
  • 3 M users

    Central Permanent Records Management System
    All central administrative agencies in Korea have accumulated a lot of files and transfer 220,000 ~ 290,000 files yearly.
  • 1 K users

    Outsourcing Management System
    This system being used by H.Q , 4 overseas branches and global partners for transferring mass and many files more than 1,000 in a singles process.
  • 2 K files

    Premium news platform
    This system exchanges a lot of files with foreign new companies. On average more than 2,000 files are transferred in a singles process and file names are automatically changed for each partner’s new platform.
  • 70 K files

    Production log file transfer
    1600 production facility terminals create mass files and transfer 170 Tbyte daily to 6 main serviers.
  • 50 K files

    Forensic examination management system
    A lot of tax payer’s information are saved as files and transferred to main servers. No matter what, guarantee the transfer speed up to 450MB/sec and it is 4.5 faster than FTP.
  • High-speed
  • Large Files
  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Compatibility
  • Convenience
  • 4 X users

    Secure Document Management Center
    When employees download unsecured files from servers, all metadata and files are strongly encrypted.
  • 20 K users

    Customer Information Leak Prevention System
    When employees download customer files from servers, this system strongly protects all customer files and metadata.
  • 50 K users

    Digital Asset Deposit System
    Companies transfer software source code files, specifications, designs, schematics, DB, digital contents in a secure way.
  • 2 M users

    Secure online storage
    For credit evaluation, various confidential files are exchanged in this system. INNORIX products are built into the traditional banking system.
  • 6 K users

    Document security with ECM
    In order to block illegal copying and external leakage of documents, INNORIX products are linked to the ECM.
  • 4 K users

    File transfer management system
    INNORIX products provide triple layered security and double integrity verification and automatic address check before the transfer.
  • High-speed
  • Large Files
  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Compatibility
  • Convenience
  • 38 K users

    Global Devices Management System
    It transfers large sized software and firmware files (about 1.2~2Gbyte) abroad without any loss and natural alteration.
  • 237 offices

    In-house Broadcasting System
    It stably transfers broadcasting contents to all branches around the world, including unstable network locations at 40 branches in China.
  • 53 K users

    Overseas Sales System for 23 Areas
    It resolved 1) slow speed 2) frequent failure when transferring mass or large files 3) natural file alterations when transferring large files.
  • 6 K users

    Blue print management system
    Users can easily choose files with drag & drop and can directly open blue print and document files when downloading.
  • 3 K users

    Overseas sales system
    It solves 1) slow file transfer speed 2) frequent transfer failure when transferring mass or large files 3) natural file alterations when transferring large files.
  • 8 K users

    Audio archive system
    With INNORIX products, this system can stably transfer large sized media files using low server resources.
  • 6 K users

    Terminal Quality Assurance Management Services
    As mobile devices have become more diverse SK Telecom built this system to respond quickly.
  • High-speed
  • Large Files
  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Compatibility
  • Convenience
  • 4 K users

    Companywide content management system
    INNORIX provides many API for 3rd party module integration and easily linked with INNORIX transfer feature.
  • 6 K users

    Companywide web mail system
    INNORIX products have improved file transfer performance of this webmail system that is based on Microsoft Outlook.
  • 20 K users

    Lotus Notes and Domino
    This bank system is based on IBM Lotus Notes and Domino and is easily linked with INNORIX products and transfer files because it compatible with HTTP.
  • 2 K users

    This company has largest market share of enterprise web application in korea and INNORIX products are compatible with this company’s JEUS WAS v4~7+.
  • 18 K users

    Secure portal system
    INNORIX products were easily implemented with all kinds of RIA platforms and provided high file transfer performance and various file transfer features.
  • 8 K users

    E-signing system
    INNORIX products are linked with these RIA platforms and provide INNORIX’s transfer method in this system.
  • High-speed
  • Large Files
  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Compatibility
  • Convenience
  • 12 K users

    Agriculture & biotechnology life outcomes management
    INNORIX products improve user-friendliness and increase the transfer speeds. 
  • 60 K users

    Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
    This system needed a file transfer solution and INNORIX provides 1)file transfer performance 2)user accessibility 3)development productivity.
  • 21 K users

    Project Management System, Advertising media management system
    It provides 1)standardize transfer method 2) convenient file transfer 3) improve productivity 4) development convenience and minimize development period.
  • 4 K users

    Resource management system (RMS)
    INNORIX provides 1) verify integrity 2) reliably transfer for mass files 3) improved UI 4) thumbnail image and watermark on transferring images.
  • 6 K users

    eElectronic text book download service
    INNORIX products provides 1) same transfer features and performance for any OS 2) user friendly UIs, 3) auto respond on errors.