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Today, all companies depend upon the movement of files when processing their core businesses. The size of files that are being transferred all around the world have been increasing astronomically and the users who need to transfer files include various parties such as in- house employees, distributed branches around the world, foreign business partners, customers and etc. Even though companies use high-performance storage, servers, network equipment and cloud
systems to process files effectively, file transfer software technology still uses temporary methods from before. Such temporary methods decrease the efficiency of IT resources, wasting precious time and costs.

INNORIX presents high-performance file transfers that perfectly solves today's file transfer problems for all companies. INNORIX transfers ultra large-sized files the fastest way without any limitations of file size and network conditions. INNORIX improves business productivity and provides a new competitive edge for companies in today's fast-paced business environment.
Epoch-making Technology
Current file transfer products that exist focus only on provider oriented development convenience, so these traditional transfer ways use FTP or UDP. Therefore, various environmental constraints exist and such outdated file transfer ways threaten the security of companies, shifting new and serious problems to customers who purchase them.

INNORIX always transfers ultra large-sized files safely in the fastest way without any limitations in the size of files, distances or network conditions by only using the standard protocol of web business systems. Therefore, it is the true ultimate epoch- making file transfer technology. INNORIX is fully differentiated from other file transfer ways in the industry that have restrictions in various environmental conditions.

INNORIX can be used right away in any kinds of clients, servers and cloud systems, significantly reducing initial introduction costs and time more than any other existing file transfer ways. INNORIX has been used by more than 5,000 systems and services and chosen by more than 3,000 companies because of the immediate value and innovative transfer technology it provides. INNORIX clientele ranges in industries such as finance, manufacturing, chemical, energy, construction, education, retail, healthcare, media and communications, etc. As the market leader, we are proud to state that we are setting the highest market growth rate in the global file transfer market every year.
Suitable for Various Purposes
INNORIX products perfectly transfer ultra large-sized files in the fastest way, even files that exceed multiple Terabytes. These files can be transferred in unstable network environments and long distance WAN environments where high jitter ping and high losses exist. Furthermore, our products are designed to excel in all network environments like high-bandwidth by non-loss, internal network by low- latency or MAN (metropolitan area network).

High-speed file transfers are maximized with INNORIX products in any systems and client environments such as internal business systems, long distance business partners and distributed branches around the world; our products have no restrictions and limitations in client environments. With INNORIX, users do not have to go through a cumbersome process to learn how to transfer files. INNORIX is the ultimate file transfer solution, unique in the industry, and offers the best solutions to serve to a wide range of users and in all client environments.