INNORIX Business Solutions

All business systems need to transfer files.

What is the most problematic system?

In web services, file transfer problems can be resolved for employees and customers.

File transfer services for a lot of users

File uploads to servers
File downloads

Supports over 100 web browsers worldwide

Flawless transfers without retries

File transfers in web business systems

Web Page
Web Browsers

High-speed large/mass files transfers

Secure transfers & integrity verifications

Complicated, uneasy and inconvenient file transfers between unmanned devices can be improved.

Transfers between servers - devices

High-speed transfers

Easy to make transfer schedules

Supports all kinds of devices

By periodic or specific conditions

Transfers between central servers - devices


With a few clicks, easy transfers

Perfect transfers in unstable networks

Supports all kinds of devices

By periodic or specific conditions

File transfers can be improved between distributed systems.

High-speed large file transfers over long distances

All unstable networks: satellite, wireless and long distance networks, etc.

Transfers between central servers and distributed systems


Automatically collecting and distributing files without administrator intervention

H.Q.-Branches and Branches-Branches

Sending and sharing large and mass files with H.Q. and any branches

Still no file transfer back-end system?

Monitors file transfer statuses in real-time

All file transfer status monitor such as problematic locations,

variation of speeds and traffic, etc.

Records and tracks all transfer history

Records all file transfer history

Full range monitoring to track history

File transfers for applications can also be improved.

File transfer performances can be improved in current systems.

File transfer module for all applications

File transfer module for Java, C, Delphi, Visual Basic, Python based applications


Applies advanced file

transfer features without

complicated development

Replacing FTP, HTTP, CIFS, SCP and rsync, etc.
VPN and WAN Accelerators
Separated networks

Looking for solutions by file type and transfer features?

Large file transfers

Media, Drawings, Modeling, Simulation, Research and Big data analysis materials etc.

High-speed transfers

Compression transfers

Resume transfer

Integrity verification

Preventing file losses and alterations

Secure transfers

Confidential and personal information files

Intact folders

Mass files

Haven’t found a solution yet?

INNORIX and INNORIX partners will provide the best file transfer solutions.

INNORIX Private Clouds

Public clouds provide limited storage space and rising cost structures.

Now, you can resolve all cloud problems with INNORIX Private Clouds.

Get an unlimited cloud file service and the best file transfer features that public cloud file services cannot provide.

INNORIX Private Clouds allow companies to manage and customize a private cloud file service. Companies can provide ample private storage space to all employees regardless of cost. It is the only cloud storage that can send and share large files that are more than 100GB, 5TB as well as folders and mass files at high-speeds in-house.

Unlimited file exchanges
Private Cloud Direct Transfer

Unlimited file size
Private Cloud Share Center

Unlimited storage size
Private Cloud Storage