INNORIX drastically improves file transfer performance for all business systems.

INNORIX provides brand new file transfer methods.

Transfer large and mass files
in your current systems

All systems can be improved. If needed, INNORIX can improve your current email system, users can send colleagues or customers large files that are more than 100GB at high-speeds.

Devices can also exchange files
quickly each other

Servers can exchange very large-sized files with each other and servers and mass IoT devices can also perfectly exchange files regardless of unstable network conditions.

For all industries,
business sizes and uses

All industries such as research, medical and media industries, users can transfer large files faster. It is the best file transfer service solution for a lot of users.


Large & Mass Files

UP to 30x

Speed Improvements


Secure Transfers


100% Reliability

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Now, you can forget about file transfer restraints and problems.

You can transfer files to the person you want, the way you want, when you want

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