Yes, it's a Monster EXA COOLA

Yes, Transfers Whatever You Need, However You Need
No Matter What Industry
No Matter Where Files Are
Using multiple wire and wireless networks, files can be transferred at high-speeds all over the world.
  • Wireless
    No wire network?
    Do not worry, just use wireless networks.
  • Not Enough
    It is fast enough infrastructure, but not enough to transfer files?
  • Wire
    Is not enough speed available for the current wired
No Matter How Large Files
Many files are created daily and the file capacity is constantly increasing but can not transfers when you want? No worries, EXACOOLA can transfer files in any size at high-speeds.
1:1 Transfers
If file sizes are larger and distances
are farther, the transfer time will be
longer and more errors and failures
will occur. Even if large file transfers
are completed, the file size can be
changed slightly, in addition files
can be lost and corrupted.
When files are remaining in the network for a long period of time, more exceptions will occur and transfer completion times will be longer. As a result, files are not being exchanged when needed. Furthermore, the number of queued files will increase, because of this a bottleneck will occur and the delay will be worse. Due to these situations that are easily predictable, almost all organizations think that it is an unsolvable task and have thoroughly minimized transfer traffic.  
With high-speed file transfer technology, INNORIX Platform overcomes all kinds of environmental constraints (file type, size, the number of files and total transfer distance, etc.) that negatively affect file transfer speeds, making file transfer speeds the fastest in any environment.
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H.Q. – Branches
Some branches can be connected by wireless networks or
long distance networks where the devices are far away from
the servers.

In order to overcome all environmental constraints, INNORIX Platform features Advanced Transfer Stabilization Technology, enabling files to be transferred between unmanned devices and servers in the fastest and most reliable way even with satellite, wireless and long distance networks, etc.

With the INNORIX Platform, each branch can also exchange files with other branches in the fastest and most stable way without any restrictions on size and number.
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IoT Devices - Server
All companies have many servers. In these servers, a lot
of files that PCs cannot process are constantly integrated
and large-sized system and log files are created.
However, with existing alternatives, they have never
assured a perfect transfer and take a long time when
transferring large files between servers.
In order to work smoothly, more files have to be transferred between more servers. However, for companies that have not prepared for this situation, this issue still remains as an irresolvable mission.

INNORIX IoT is specialized for file transfers between servers and devices; it can transfer ultra large-sized and mass files between servers in the fastest way. INNORIX IoT transfers files even in unstable network conditions, high server loads, etc. in the most reliable way and resolves all kinds of troublesome transfer problems between servers.
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Easy to Transfer between Devices
Whenever transferring files, administrators have to connect to servers and unmanned devices and have to check transfer statuses and the transferred files activity between the servers and the devices. It is not a difficult task but it is a grossly inefficient way. In order to improve this inefficiency, administrators use temporary transfer methods but when managing and operating these methods, they need considerable caution.  
After devices and servers are initially registered, administrators can easily command the transfer of files in the INNORIX Platform control panel with only a mouse click. When transferring files to many devices, servers and virtual OSes, administrators do not have to repeatedly command each device.
In the INNORIX Platform control panel, with only a mouse drag, administrators can easily select many devices, servers and virtual OSes and command file transfers, allowing administrators supreme effectiveness.

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