File Transfer Solutions
for Object Storage
MS Azure
Google Cloud Storage
Why do we need FF?
A lot of companies are staring to use object storage because the advantages of object storage such as structural stability, flexible scalability and cost savings, etc.

Even though object storage is much easier to use than the file storage, if companies use only a basic way provided by the specific object storage provider, companies can not take full advantage of object storage they want.
Advanced Transfer Features
In order for companies to take full advantage of object storage, INNORIX FF significantly improves the process of transferring files to object storage and from object storage, which is file transfer performance. Without any cumbersome development process, companies can easily use advanced transfer features of INNORIX FF such as integrity verification, reliable, secure, large and file transfers, etc.
Integrity Verification
Automatically retransfer
only damaged parts
High-speed Transfers
Multi-sessions transfer
maximizes the speeds
Lossless Transfers
No-lose any files while
transferring mass files
Large File Transfers
Transfer large files without
any size limitation
Secure Transfers
Advanced encryption protects
all files and metadata
Reliable Transfers
Automatically responds to
all errors and fully recover
Resume Transfers
Transfer from the stopped
part whenever needed
Real-time Monitor
Administrator can monitor
file transfer status
Record/Track History
Auto-record all transfers and track the history
Between Various Environments
INNORIX FF makes it possible to exchange files between all kinds of storage and maximizes the file transfer performance in any environments.
1. Between different kinds of object storage
2. Public object storage <-> On-premise object storage
3. Multi web brewers <-> Object storage
4. Windows, MAC, Linux OS <-> Object storage
5. CCTV and IoT devices <-> Object storage
Web Browsers
Windows OS
Mac OS
Linux OS

Integrity Verification
High-speed Transfers
Lossless Transfers
Large Files Transfers
Secure Transfers
Reliable Transfers
Resume Transfers
Real-time Monitor
Record/Track History
MS Azure
Google Cloud
Open Source
Object Storage
Don't Worry
It Completely Transfers Everything
Large Files
Transferring large files is never easy. Due to natural errors, some part of files can be always altered while transferring.

When a part of a file is altered, INNORIX automatically transfers only the altered part and guarantees perfect transfers with double integrity verification.
Mass Files
FTP, HTTP and SCP are not taken into account of flawless transfer. As a result, as more files are transferred, more files are lost.

With flawless transfer structure, INNORIX does not lose any files while transferring and also completely resolves the extreme slowdown issue of mass files.
Reliable Transfers
Natural network errors always occur in any situations and if networks are very unstable and have high loss rates, more errors occur. INNORIX automatically responds to a variety of errors and resumes transfers even if network is repeatedly disconnected and connected.
Monitor in Real-time
Record &
Track Transfer History
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