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Transfer between Devices
As the Internet of Things (IoT) era is coming, all embedded devices such as home appliances, mobile devices and wearable computers, etc. can connect to the internet and process data. INNORIX IoT enables these embedded devices to exchange files with servers in the fastest and most perfect way.
Rapidly Increasing Amount of Devices and Files
High-definition video cameras and display devices as well as various unmanned devices are being frequently launched with high performance processors and high speed wireless communication capacity. In the past, these were just independent unmanned devices however recently these devices are able to connect to the internet, exchange files back and forth with each other and provide entirely new features.

However, before we get the opportunity to take advantage of innovation, file transfer issues between unmanned devices and servers have been the biggest challenge due to low-speed, frequent transfer failure and high cost. INNORIX IoT clearly resolves these file transfer issues of unmanned devices.
Devices that produce a lot of Files Daily
Even if it is not the IoT era, a lot of files have been accumulated and created daily in the process of financial and retail transactions. A lot of unmanned devices such as production facilities and security systems in various industries also experience these issues. However since there is no proper solution to exchange these files, this issue is now recognized as an obscure problem.

Temporary transfer methods cause low-speeds, unstable transfers, security issues and high operating expenses. High operating expenses are big concern of management. As a result, they are wholly inadequate to meet the transfer demand that has been increasing. As a specialized file transfer product for unmanned devices, INNORIX IoT clearly resolves these issues. INNORIX IoT improves management convenience and significantly reduces operating expenses, enabling organizations to be wholly prepared to meet the transfer demand.
Servers that Must Exchange Files with Many Devices
Devices such as set-top boxes, digital billboards and traffic systems need to communicate and exchange files with central servers. However, exchanging files with distributed devices is impossible without a specialized solution. Temporary methods cannot handle a variety of exceptions while transferring in the live operating environment, making organizations eventually reduce and limit their transfer throughput.

INNORIX IoT is designed to automatically respond to and process various file transfer issues as well as completing transfers. It is possible to completely eliminate transfer uncertainty and significantly reduce operating expenses. Featuring two-way transfer, servers can transfer files to distributed devices by the push method and these devices can also pull files from the servers using only minimal traffic, making it the most efficient transfer way.