IoT Device-Device
File Transfer

Automatic Transfers
between Devices
Simplifies complicated and
repetitive file transfer tasks
Servers to Servers
Transfers large/mass files between servers at high-speeds.
Servers to Devices
Transfers between central servers and distributed systems.
Virtual to Virtual OS
Transfers files betweenvarious kinds of virtual OS.
High-speed File Transfer
Even though other ways claim they are 50 or 100 times faster, these ways are still slow and can not be immediately used because of various restrictions and insufficient composition, etc.

INNORIX is always faster than any other methods in the world and can be immediately used without any cumbersome processes.
I’m faster
than light.
I’m 10,000
times faster
Don't Worry
It Completely Transfers Everything
Large Files
Transferring large files is never easy.
Due to natural errors, some part of files can be always altered while transferring.

When a part of a file is altered, INNORIX automatically transfers only the altered part and guarantees perfect transfers with double integrity verification.
Mass Files
FTP, HTTP and SCP are not taken into account of flawless transfer. As a result, as more files are transferred, more files are lost.

With flawless transfer structure, INNORIX does not lose any files while transferring and also completely resolves the extreme slowdown issue of mass files.
Reliable Transfers
INNORIX automatically responds to a variety of errors and resumes transfers even if network is repeatedly disconnected and connected.
Monitor in Real-time
Record &
Track Transfer History
INNORIX vs. Others
Premium File Transfer Solution for
Top 1% of Organizations Worldwide

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