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Large-sized Direct Transfers
When people want to send files to employees in-house, the most popular way is email. Some companies use cloud services and messengers, etc. With all these ways, file transfer speeds are very slow and large files cannot be sent because all files have to pass through external servers. For this reason, USB Drive is most convenient way to exchange large files with coworkers in-house.

INNORIX Quick SEND is very different from existing ways that pass files through external servers. It directly sends files to recipients' devices such as desktop and laptop, etc. at high-speeds. This groundbreaking transfer way can send small-sized document files and large files (more than 100GB, 10TB) that until now were impossible to send in a single process. Unlike USB Drive, INNORIX Quick SEND records all transfer history that users exchange files in-house.
User B has
received the file.
User A
sent file(s).
Installation Type Direct File Transfers
INNORIX Quick SEND can be easily installed to in-house servers and cloud servers in data centers. Right after installation, users can exchange large files at high-speeds in house.
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