File transfers between virtual OSes
Today, with virtualization technology, companies can instantly create and use new virtual OSes at any time regardless of the physical servers' locations. Exacoola enables a few engineers to easily command file transfers between hundreds of virtual OSes and monitor these transfer statuses through various devices, such as PCs, smartphones, tablets, etc.
Unprecedented increase in virtual environments
Virtualization innovatively converts static OS concepts to dynamic OS concepts. As systems are integrated with virtualization, the need for physical hardware has significantly decreased. As a result, spaces and costs are being reduced and business efficiency is being maximized. Many companies fully understand these advantages and have actively adopted virtualization, leading to an unprecedented increase in virtual environments.
Virtualization work begins with file transfers
Although with virtualization technology, companies can easily create more than hundreds of virtual OSes a day, engineers still need to transfer and install working software and files first to start work. In this situation, Exacoola features the fastest and most convenient file transfers between virtual OSes. As an essential product in the virtualization era, Exacoola maximizes the advantages of virtualization.
Resolving FTP problems
For development teams working on projects in virtual OS environments, file transfer issues are a significant headache. To apply developed results, developers have to transfer result files to all virtual OSes. However, when the result files are updated, they have to connect to all virtual OSes using FTP, upload the result files, and then check all files' dates to ensure accuracy. Even if we ignore cumbersome and repetitive work processes, if there are many virtual OSes and frequent updates, human errors will occur in the process of transferring, leading to longer completion times. Furthermore, FTP always has additional problems such as unstable transfers, slow speeds, critical security issues, etc.

As a specialized file transfer product for virtual OSes, Exacoola clearly resolves all these issues. Exacoola features convenient file transfer control and highly reliable flawless transfers, enabling the development team to concentrate more on their work and utilize virtualization efficiently.
Resolving shell script problems
To overcome cumbersome and repetitive update processes, some system engineers are using shell scripts. For example, after files are transferred to server no.1, these files will be automatically transferred to other servers. Due to various exceptions while transferring, transfer failure and file loss can occur anytime. Whenever transfer failures occur, developers have to improve their shell script. Even if the developers apply the shell script files to all virtual OSes and thoroughly check everything, the new script cannot respond to new exceptions. As a result, even the developers cannot fully trust their shell script.

Exacoola features advanced transfer stabilization technology that is designed to respond automatically to a variety of exceptions and to ensure perfect file transfers. As a result, while transferring, various exceptions such as response delays caused by transient loads, inherent and expected file alterations between different OSes, etc. can be completely handled by Exacoola without any engineer intervention. Exacoola fundamentally improves the unstable and inconvenient transfers of shell scripts, enabling companies to achieve flexibility, immediacy, and efficiency when it comes to the purpose of virtualization.
Integrating files created by virtual OSes
It is not easy to integrate all files that many virtual OSes are creating. Without burdensome processes such as connecting to every virtual OS, transferring, and checking all files, Exacoola integrates all files from all virtual OSes to central servers in the fastest and most reliable way according to prescribed methods.
File transfers across different virtualization systems
There are various virtualization systems in the market. Due to the differentiated advantages of each virtualization system, companies use various systems depending on their needs. Bundled file transfer features in virtualization systems have a fundamental problem: they cannot support file transfers between different virtualization systems. Apart from these problems, there are other issues such as the inconvenience of use and slow speeds, etc.

INNORIX is not a virtualization system provider, and as a specialized file transfer company, it supports all kinds of virtualization systems to transfer files without any limitations.

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