Transfer automation

It's time to automate all the repetitive and time-consuming traditional manual file transfers.

Much more time is wasted on file transfers than we expect, but transfers are always unstable, and files always arrive late. New devices increase, and the number of files and the size continue to increase.

Now we must solve this issue. Exacoola features a new business innovation with the most modern file transfer automation.

Schedule & repeat

Set transfer schedules or automate all monthly, weekly, and daily recurring file transfers

Transfers files after business hours on weekends. Automate even recurring transfers at 5 am every Wednesday or on the 15th of every month.

Creating & updating items

Exactly what we always need, automatic transfers of files and folders as they are created.

No need to manually check for new files and transfer them. When the items are created or updated, they are automatically transferred.

Auto-classify items

Video files can be transferred automatically to New York and only image files to London.

No need to select files one by one. Files are automatically classified according to the types and transferred to the designated devices.

Multi-step transfers

Ultimately, all devices should be able to automatically transfer files between each other.

There are a lot of devices, and the number continues to grow. No human intervention is required to transfer files between these devices.


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