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Always fast

Yes, very fast. More and more files can be transferred at high-speed between more devices.

No need to share large files to transfer. The fastest way to transfer large files between devices is, of course, through direct transfers between devices.

Through Exacoola direct transfer channels, over 10TB of large files and over 1,000,000 multiple files can be transferred between devices at high speeds without any limits on size and number.

Multiple files

Improves slower speeds as the number of files increases and transfers over 6 times faster.

Exacoola reduces the time required to transfer 1,000,000 multiple files by more than 6 times faster, from 3 hours to just 30 minutes.


Up to 10Gbps, ultra high-speed file transfers are possible between all devices in-house

The fastest transfer in-house is only direct transfers between devices. No need to send files to the external sharing server and download them.

Long distances

Exacoola transfers large files at high speeds even to devices on the other side of the globe.

Distance is not a problem. Exacoola transfers files at high speeds over long distances by improving the file transfer speeds, which usually drop off as distance increases.

Compression transfers

Do not be surprised. It could be 20x faster on all the speed improvements so far.

Only compressible files are selectively and automatically compressed. It reduces the total file transfer time including compression and decompression, by more than 20 times.


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