Advanced file transfer features

Attach files & browse

Let’s forget about the old restrictions. Attach and explore any files and folders you need.

Multiple files and folder structures do not need to be compressed to transfer intact. You can drag and drop any files or folders you want to transfer into Exabyter and upload them to the servers.

You can browse files and folders, and download only the items you want or download the entire items as they are.

Various item boxes

Various file boxes are prepared. Just choose the file box you want and use it right away.

File boxes can be optimized and used according to your purpose, from document files to media files such as images and videos, as well as large and mass folder structures.

File transfer status

Make the file transfer window simpler for small files, and more details for large files.

Depending on the file sizes and transfer time, an appropriate Exabyter transfer window will be automatically displayed. Developers can designate it to suit the purpose of the service, or users can select a file transfer window they want.


Transfer manager


File transfer has been Completed.



240 items, 240GB




Independent file transfer

No need to wait for the transfer to complete. Leave the transfer to Exabyter and proceed to the next task.

Usually file download is handled as an independent process, allowing web pages to move freely. However, upload is different that you cannot navigate from one web page to another until the upload is complete.

Exabyter users can move to the web page and continue uploading or downloading the next files after clicking the upload button. Even if you close your web browser, the transfers of your uploads and downloads will continue.

Transfer has been completed!

Manage file transfers

You can manage the file transfer status even after starting upload and download.

While uploading and downloading are in progress, you can pause the file transfers whenever you want and resume them when needed.

If you have multiple transfers, you can prioritize them for each transfer, and you can schedule stopped transfers to start automatically at a specified date and time. Exabyter provides the best convenience to users who repeatedly transfer large files in the web systems.

* Depending on the maximum value set by the operator for the restartable time of upload and download, the default is 7 days, and it can be set to unlimited.


Modern file transfer UI

Transfer large files over 1TB

Yes, no file size limit anymore. Upload and download single file over 1TB at once.

The file sizes continue to increase, but standard web business systems and web browsers cannot perfectly support large files. There are always size limits.

Exabyter is designed to transfer large files and already being used by a lot of enterprises to transfer large files. From now on, upload and download large files without limiting the sizes.


Transfer over a million large files

If you really need to transfer a lot of files at once, Exabyter is your only solution.

General applications cannot perfectly process 1,000 or even 100 files at once. If you need to transfer 1,000,000 files, it is a very difficult mission.

However, the mission is far too simple for Exabyter, which is specifically designed for the large file transfers. Exabyter is the only file transfer solution in the industry that can upload and download over a million files in the fastest and most complete way without losing a single file.


Transfer complex structure folders

Even complex structures including empty folders are no problem. Transfer entire folders and files.

Although many systems create and recognize files by folders, compression is no longer required to transfer the folder structure intact, including empty folders.

You can upload any folders and files you want to transfer to the server as they are, and download they as are.


10Gbps high-speed transfers

If you want, Exabyter fully utilizes all available bandwidth for the fastest file transfers.

If you already have enough 10Gbps infrastructure to transfer large files on an urgency, but can't fully utilize that bandwidth, try Exabyte right away.

Exabyter can use all available bandwidth to enable file transfers at maximum speeds, both in well-infrastructured offices and in unstable low-bandwidth environments over long distances.

* Service operators can limit the maximum file transfer speeds to some user groups to prevent some users from occupying all bandwidth.



Multi-network bonding

Overcome the slow physical network speed limits to transfer files much faster.

If the speed of one network is unsatisfactory when transferring files over long distances, you can add another physical network to Exabyter for faster high-speed transfers.

Up to 4 different networks can be bonded to Exabyter to dramatically improve file upload and download speeds over long distances.



Fastest En/Decryption secure transfers

Why should secure transfer of large files be slower? High-speed secure transfers of large files are possible.

Encryption/decryption time is required in proportion to the file size and numbers to encrypt the files before transferring and decrypt them after transferring.

This processing time affects the overall transfer speeds and drastically slows down large file transfers.

Exabyter handles advanced encryption/decryption at high speeds to realize secure transfers without any speed delay for large and mass files.



High-performance file transfers

Respond automatically to any situations

Exabyter automatically responds to any situations during file transfers on your behalf.

What we want is to just select files, click a transfer button, and the file transfer will be completed without any problems and as quickly as possible.

However, in reality, various problems may occur during transferring files, and users may have to resume transfers each time or even restart transfers from the beginning.

Now, you just have to click the transfer button on Exabyter. After that, Exabyter automatically responds and completes the file transfers by itself.


Stable transfers in unstable environments

Even in unstable networks that are disconnected repeatedly, we still have to complete the file transfers.

Even if the network at the site where you transfer files is unstable, you still have to upload and download files to the web systems.

Exabyter completes all the file transfers by itself without any user interventions even in very unstable situations where the networks are disconnected and connected repeatedly during file transfers.


Integrity verification and automatic recovery

Not a single file is lost, and no tampering of a single block of the file is allowed.

Even if your file transfers are completed in some error situations, if a part of the file is tampered with, you should transfer the file again from the beginning. However, the retransfer does not guarantee a perfect transfer.

Exabyter monitors everything from naturally occurring tampering to malicious tampering in real time during file transfers, and retransmits only the block as soon as the block is found to ensure perfect file transfers.


Smart AI transfer control


Compression transfers

Do not be surprised. It could be 20x faster on all the speed improvements so far.

Only compressible files are selectively and automatically compressed. It reduces the total file transfer time including compression and decompression, by more than 20 times.

Embed in web pages

Yes, you can easily embed Exabyter into your web pages. Get the trial version of Exabyter now.

All you have to do is insert one of the file transfer UI codes prepared in Exabyter into your web pages.

You can choose file transfer UI suitable for the purpose of uploading and downloading, and further optimize the detailed UI to suit the purpose of file transfers.


Exabyter agent

Of course, standard web technology alone is not enough. So, we prepared an Exabyter agent.

For the first time, users need to install the Exabyter agent. This agent provides powerful file transfer features and high performance that standard web technologies cannot provide.

Exabyter agent supports Windows, macOS, and Linux, and standard technology file transfer is provided through HTML5 on mobile and tablet.


Various developer APIs

Developers can develop optimized UI and file transfer logic with various Exabyter developer APIs.

Various information about all the files to be transferred can be provided through the developer API for various attachments and browses, from loading the file box to attaching, selecting, and removing files.

Meta data can be entered and updated in the database of the web servers when files are transferred through various developer APIs such as transfer start, error, and completion.

System structure

Using file systems

The file uploaded by users will be stored in the specified path through the web servers, and the meta data entered by the users are transferred to the database.

Through the virtual file and folder paths, users can browse the folders structure and download the files and folders.

* The users can always access files only through the virtual path provided through the web servers while sign in to the web systems and authenticated. The actual file and folder paths in the servers are not provided to users.

Uploading files
Saving files
Loading data
Downloading files

System structure

Using object storage

Files uploaded will be directly uploaded and stored in object storage, and metadata entered by users is transferred to the database.

Through the virtual file and folder paths in the object storage, users can browse folders and download the files or folders.

* Users always sign in to the web systems and access files and folders only through one-time authentication information that allows access to object storage through a separate authentication server while being authenticated. Credentials for developer access to object storage are not provided to users.

Uploading files
Loading data
Downloading files

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