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Transfer UI
Upload and download file list controls
Exabyter satisfies both project managers and users because the recently released Exabyter provides: 1) Advanced file transfers 2) More powerful file transfer features 3) Faster response speeds. With full HTML UI, Exabyter now features a web page-like appearance and feel. Additionally, users can use the same file transfer UIs in any browser in multi-OSs.
Faster response speed
Exabyter is now 2.5 times faster, ensuring immediate response to user action, while simultaneously providing exceptional handling to large file and mass file transfer. Should the user wish to cancel or alter an action in progress, Exabyter’ rapid response speed enables precise user control.
Supports drag & drop
Regardless of client OSes and browsers, Exabyter supports drag & drop to attach multiple files and folders. When users drag files into the drop-zone, the green line turns the Exabyter list control box around, making it a more sophisticated UIs.
Easy to remove attached files
Exabyter provides various removal methods, enabling users to remove attached files using familiar methods. 1) Delete key 2) Context menu with mouse right button 3) Function menu when the mouse cursor is over an item.
Select multiple files & type filters in the open dialog
Users can select multiple files in the file-open dialog window by dragging the mouse or using the keyboard's shift or ctrl key. Once file types (doc, ppt, jpg, etc.) are designated, only these files will be displayed; making it more convenient for selecting files in the file open dialog window.
Keyboard and mouse right button
Users can easily select files and folders in the Exabyter list control using the ctrl or shift key. When users click the right button on the mouse, the Exabyter function menu appears. Using this menu, users can remove and upload attached files.
Change the order of the attached files
When users attach multiple files, the order of the files can differ from what the users want. In this case, should the user click and drag a file to another location in the Exabyter list control, the user can easily change the order of attached files by drag & drop.
Estimated transfer time
When users attach files in the Exabyter list control, Exabyter displays an estimated transfer time, making it more convenient for transferring large files.
Various styles of file size information
Exabyter displays the number and sizes of attached files in the Exabyter list control through bar or donut graphs. If users select files on the list control, Exabyter displays the ratio of the size of selected files by a graph.
Implement various file attachment UIs
Even without using the Exabyter list control, with the Exabyter APIs, the developer can easily improve existing attachments and download UIs and easily implement more complicated UIs according to current trends and user preferences.
Flexible drop zone
Drop-zone is an area where users can drop files and folders on a webpage with the drag & drop feature. The drop-zone can be applied to Exabyter list control, 3rd party web-editors and various HTML tags such as img src.., table.., div.., etc.
Elegant and sophisticated transfer window
INNORIX is the first in the field to develop a multi-platform/browser file transfer technology. It is the best technology to control web browsers and is applied to the Exabyter transfer window.

Exabyter transfer window looks similar to a very simple HTML layer, users cannot feel any difference between the transfer windows and a web page. The transfer window is a frameless window that can move out of the web browser. Hence, when the user transfers large files, the transfer is not affected by any activity from a web page.
1. Check server/network status
During the process of transferring files, Exabyter constantly checks the communication status between a client and servers. According to the status, the file transfer window displays a light with either green, orange or red colors. When the file transfer fails due to an error, users typically have to wait without knowing the reason. With Exabyter, users can monitor the communication status and experience an advanced file transfer UI.
2. Status log
When users click the status icon, the file transfer window expands and displays the communication logs between a client and servers. The user can clearly check what is happening while transferring files.
3. Transfer speed graph
These days, users need products that not only complete basic functions and needs but also feature an intuitive and clean design. Recognizing the increasing importance of aesthetics, Exabyter’s more sophisticated UI features a speed graph to meet user needs.
4. Pause and restart
If a transfer is interrupted due to failure or cancelation by the user while transferring files, with the resuming upload and download features, the user can resume their transfer anytime. Users are familiar with transfer control features, such as resume, pause and restart. However, web-based transfer methods do not support these features, forcing users to wait until the transfer is completed or failed. With the pause and restart feature, users can now control the transfer at any point after the file transfer has begun.
5. Silent mode transfer status window
When users transfer files, the transfer window will appear, and in the case of small-sized file transfers, it will briefly appear for 1~2 seconds. However, Exabyter also offers a silent mode. When the transfer window is unnecessary, developers can activate this mode so that the transfer window will not be displayed.
6. Independent mode transfer status window
The transfer window can be run independently from the web browser and minimized to the system tray. Even if users close the web browser or move to different Exabyter, the file transfer will continue.
7. Custom transfer window
Exabyter transfer window was developed using HTML so that developers can customize the transfer window according to the purpose.
8. Notification of uncompleted transfers
If there is an uncompleted transfer, when the user logs into their business system, Exabyter displays a popup window that asks whether the user wants to continue the transfer or not. In order to resume the transfer, the user does not have to repeat the transfer process and choose the same files again.

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