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High-speed file transfers
The file transfer speeds of other methods are limited due to factors such as the geographical distance between the origin and destination, delays in the response of the standard protocol, and inefficient data exchange. Although companies have high-performance IT resources, due to non-hardware limitations, they cannot fully utilize these resources, such as high-performance mass storage/server, high-capacity network equipment, and high-bandwidth networks.

Featuring Exacoola software-based transfer technology, these limitations can be easily overcome without network bandwidth expansion. This innovative technology can transfer all kinds of files at high speeds and also maximize utilization efficiency of the company's IT resources.

Furthermore, additional features such as optimizing packets, intelligent compression, high-speed mass file transfers, and various file transfer features enable Exacoola to transfer files more quickly, even in unexpected environments that have not been predetermined.
High-speed file transfers for devices
In existing standard transfer methods, UDP transfer loses a lot of data while transferring, unnecessarily using too much bandwidth and requiring the opening of many ports, resulting in threatened security. TCP transfer is very slow due to inefficient communication methods. Exacoola drastically improves these TCP slow-speed problems and provides high-speed file transfer rates that are up to 30 times faster, even in situations like low bandwidth, high latency, high loss, and other hostile environments.
Expanding the limited transfer capacity
File transfer speeds in existing transfer methods are greatly affected by the devices, OSes, types of software, network conditions, overload of servers, etc. To exceed the existing maximum speed, Exacoola expands transfer capacity at the software level, making file transfer speed the fastest in any environment.
Interval-based file transfer optimization
Exacoola analyzes various file transfer environments (file sizes, transfer distances, and network conditions, etc.) and automatically optimizes file transfer processes. According to the transfer environment, Exacoola determines the most optimal data size and data arrangement, as well as exchanges data back and forth with the server in each environment. As a result of these actions, Exacoola can transfer files at the fastest speed in any transfer environment.
The most optimal transfer method
Other transfer methods can only utilize minimal capacity, so bandwidth is wasted, resulting in slower and longer file transfers. Additionally, they cause various transfer problems such as frequent transfer failures, etc. Exacoola can utilize optimal capacity, enabling file transfers to be quickly completed and the network to be cleaned up much faster. Exacoola fundamentally resolves the issue of having too many files remaining in the network for a long period of time. Therefore, more files can be exchanged in the same network without changing any IT infrastructure.
Handling large and mass file transfers
The file size and number of files are continuously increasing in current business environments. However, files are not being exchanged when needed because most companies still use previous temporary methods to transfer files.

Exacoola is optimized to transfer large files. Whether choosing any files (documents, large files, folders, etc.), Exacoola can transfer anything to anywhere in the fastest and most convenient way without any limitations. It also clearly eliminates repetitive efforts and the time wasted that users put into the transfer of large files, making it possible for the productivity of the whole organization to be dramatically improved.
Large file transfers
Due to all different kinds of technical difficulties, almost all transfer methods limit file sizes. Exacoola is the only way for companies to transfer files of all sizes, from small size to large-size 100GByte, as well as very large-size more than 10Tbyte, without any limitations between devices in a single process.
Overcoming various transfer limits
Exacoola changed HTTPS, which is being used in all web-based business systems, to RHTTP (reliable HTTP), a proprietary technology developed by INNORIX, so that Exacoola can transfer files in any network environment without any security threats. Exacoola is the only way in the industry to transfer large and mass files in all OSes such as Windows, Mac, Linux, UNIX, and embedded OS, etc.
Flawless file transfers
Speed, accuracy, and perfection are important requirements in all enterprise business environments. However, in the current business system, file transfer methods between web browsers and servers are imperfect. As a result, these methods cannot perfectly meet the needs of companies. In the current environment, after a file transfer begins, all users can do is sit around and pray for the file to be completely transferred.

Generally, in typical business environments, when a file transfer is interrupted by unstable network conditions, server load, or other various reasons, the user has no choice but to start the transfer again from the beginning. When a transfer has failed after many repeated tries, the engineers have to start from the beginning or try to seek other alternatives. The engineers have no choice but to be tolerant and accept inconveniences.

Exacoola fundamentally resolves all these incomplete and inconvenient issues. While transferring, Exacoola responds automatically to a variety of exceptions that occur and assures a perfect file transfer. Moreover, Exacoola provides security and integrity. Exacoola can perfectly meet the mission-critical needs of companies required in business environments.
Unstable issues in the existing environment
Situations in which file transfers fail occur countlessly within a day and can sometimes happen repeatedly to the same devices. Although the above situation has not taken place, current file transfer methods have never assured a perfect file transfer. Various security policies, network environments, server/device types, and OSes have applied more pressure to these unstable situations.
Built-in scenarios for overcoming obstacles
When carrying out a perfect file transfer mission, if system engineers only rely on traditional methods, they have to use all kinds of server technologies and detailed monitors. Even if they find the causes of failure, it is very difficult to devise fundamental solutions that can respond to a variety of causes. It is also not easy to find proper solutions in general situations, such as transient network disconnections by unstable network conditions or response delays of servers.

Exacoola has built-in scenarios that automatically respond to a variety of situations while transferring. After the transfer is started, even if problems occur, Exacoola automatically analyzes all situations and completes file transfers on its own. Unless the network has been completely disconnected between client and servers, or unless the servers have not been recovered, Exacoola automatically completes transfers without any engineer's interventions.
Flawless lossless file transfers
In all business environments, flawless lossless transfer is a required feature that enables every single file to be transferred without any file loss. However, in existing file transfer methods, lossless transfer is not taken into account, resulting in more files being lost as more files are transferred.
Most engineers do not want to accept this fact about file loss, but it is an ongoing inherent problem in the live operating environment. When only a few files fail to transfer among the files being transferred, companies have to invest an unthinkable amount of time and cost to find the one failed file. Even if the transfer is restarted from scratch, unstable situations will remain, and the same problems can happen.

Devices and servers cannot respond to all requests, and the loss of files often occurs due to various environmental constraints. With a flawless transfer structure, Exacoola can resolve these problems, so that hundreds of thousands of files can be transferred without any file loss or additional delays.
Double integrity verification
File alterations occur due to malicious attacks or the insertion of malignant codes into files during the file transfer process. To prevent these alterations, Exacoola verifies the integrity of the files twice (first for each block of a file and then for the whole file again).

Even if an altered part of a file is detected, only the altered part will be automatically retransferred, ensuring more accurate and reliable transfers. This guarantees safety and convenience.
File transfer testing center
As a specialized file transfer company, INNORIX operates file transfer test centers for continuous monitoring and improvement of the quality of file transfers. INNORIX conducts tests in all network environments and all OSes in major cities of North America, Europe, and Asia around the clock, 365 days a year.

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